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Polarity Magnets&trade; is one of the worlds leading brands of Magnets and Magnetic Products. With a huge range of products, tried and tested by professionals in many sectors including Display, Print Finishers, Sign Manufacturers and around the Office & Home

Polarity Magnets&trade; is owned by Indigo Industrial Supplies Ltd, a large UK supplier of a massive range of industrial materials including; Temporary Surface Protection, Magnets and Magnetic Materials, Self Adhesive Tapes, Protective Clothing & PPE, Hook & Loop Fasteners, Packaging Materials, Safety Signs, Janitorial and More!

Indigo were established in 1998 and have grown during this time to become one of the leading companies of its type

With over 400 websites and 6 dedicated online shops, Indigo remain the most prominent internet supplier.

Brands include; Titan Tapes, Packright Packaging Materials, Alligata Protection, Rip 'n' Grip Hook & Loop Fasteners & Polarity Magnets, plus are suppliers of market leading brands such as 3M, TESA, SCAPA and Advance Tapes

<b>CALL US ON 01268 768 768 OR GOTO OUR MAIN WEBSITE HERE<a href="http://www.indigo.co"> INDIGO MAIN WEBSITE</a></b>

We supply a huge range of Magnets and Magnetic Materials including;

Magnets - Neodymium Magnets, Ferrite Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets, Sphere Magnets, Ceiling Hook Magnets, Reclosable Magnets, Bar Magnets, Disc Magnets, Ring Magnets and many more from stock plus we can manufacture to your exact requirements! We also offer bulk discounts and refuse to be beaten on price

Reclosable Magnets - We offer a range of reclosable Neodymium Magnets from stock which are supplied in perfectly matching pairs and make excellent folder closures etc

Magnetic Tape - Our Flexible Magnetic Tape is supplied in non-adhesive or with a TESA, Titan or Foam Adhesive Backing. We also supply Flexible Magnetic Label tape and Flexible Magnetic Label Holders in Tape form. We can custom cut our tape to your desired length and offer a full range of widths

Magnetic Labels - We are leading suppliers of Magnetic Labels which are very popular in warehouses for use on steel racking. Our Magnetic Label Tape comes in many widths and colours, simply cut to the length required

Magnetic Sheet - Our range of Magnetic Sheeting is second to none and includes Plain, Self-Adhesive and Coloured Gloss Vinyl. Whether you are screen printing or digitally printing we have the right products for you. Most of our Magnetic Sheeting is Vehicle Grade Strength

Magnetic DIY Secondary Glazing Kit - A very popular product which will pay for itself in no time. With current energy costs at an all time high theres never been a better time to keep your heat in. This simply kit includes 30 useable metres at just £29.95! All you need to buy is the perspex, more info is on our main site

Magnetic Paper - Suitable for use in laser and inkjet printers our Magnetic Paper comes in standard matt or gloss finishes, gloss is particularly suitable for photos

Magnetic Letters & Numbers - Supplied on A4 sheets these economical Magnetic Letters and Numbers are very popular around the home or office. We can also print to your requirements!

Promotional Magnets - From Magnetic Business Cards to Promotional Magnetic Memo Magnets, we can help, call 01268 768 768 to discuss your requirements

Steel Sheet & Tape - We offer a range of materials which are receptive to our magnets including Ferro Sheet, Steel Sheet and Steel tape

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